Commissions - CURRENTLY CLOSED (exam season)

(not all characters belong to me, most sources can be found through, if you want a character removed/linked to let me know!)

discord - will #7995 (preferred) - oiyum
twitter - oiyum
email -
current queue

- i can refuse any commission for any reason
- typical "i wont draw xyz" that everyone puts in these
- no nsfw
- no revisions on anything under $20
- cheaper commissions might have simplified details
- i dont colorpick from references, so the drawing can have fairly different colors than the ref. if i get something important like skin color wrong, let me know so i can fix it!

PWYW (pay-what-you-want) - minimum $10, no maximum

each $10 equals 30 minutes of work, inconsistent & experimental style




simple pixels - $15 per character (some examples are outdated)

simple bobbing animation can be added for free, other types of animation are possible but add an extra fee depending on complexity

complex pixels - fullbody $25
comes with an abstract background, can be transparent

half-painted style - halfbody $40, fullbody $60
has clean lineart

custom designs - minimum $30
message me for more details

if you saw me post something that you liked but isnt on here feel free to contact me! :]