- payments done through paypal, in USD, in a 48 hour window from purchase

- payment is upfront

- by default my works are not for commercial use, but if you are interested in using them for such, you can contact me to discuss it. it will most likely include additional payment

- you are free to redesign my designs without asking, but i would appreciate if you were mindful about the intended minority identities of said design.

- that said, lightening characters skintones or removing important traits associated with their race is not allowed, and i consider it heavy issue.

- if a characters identity is outright stated, and not hinted at, it cannot be changed in a redesign.

- feel free to edit my art for redesigns, you can message me for the version of the image with layers if wanted (no promises i still have it though!).

- please ask me before making my designs part of a closed species (tomoyoki are excluded from this, feel free to make my designs one without asking!)

- please ask before voiding my designs from a closed species

- do not use my designs to spread harmful ideologies. if you want to explore dark topics using my design, you must first contact me for the go-ahead, and must adequately warn for their story (both on the character biography itself, and when discussing it in public with others).

- designs cannot be sold for more than they were bought for, unless you've commissioned or drawn extra art.

- i am OK with nsfw content being made of my designs, as long as it is clear that they're an adult.

- refunds can be requested at any point before i start work on the piece

- visual reference of the character is mandatory

- partial payment OK for commissions over $50

- do not sell/trade/gift my designs to anyone on this list for any reason:

- everyone on the tomoyoki blacklist

- more will be added if necessary